Wyzards / Wind

I was insanely nervous last night – woke up with a start, chest tight, fresh from creepy dreams. Luckily it was all for naught. It was a perfect day to ride – wind whipping in places, traffic moving at a good clip. Actually, traffic can be… fun? Strange satisfaction. We get into Long Island City after the epic Triborough bridge panorama moment (teared up a tad, yes, but that always happens when I come back here) and suddenly my cyclist brain woke up from its long dormancy. I felt totally aware of my surroundings, at home again riding through the streets of NYC. It was unexpected. 

Get to the hotel (Wyndham in Sunset Park) where their current branding strategy consists of a cardboard cutout of a bearded dude wearing all blue, standing in the vestibule of the lobby – look, look again, is he frozen-smiling at me? – small words at his feet: “WYNDHAM WYZARD.” OF COURSE. Corporate omen. Thank you.

In tandem with my discovery, my dad was making a new friend outside, a guy named “T” who was the ultimate homeslice. I arrived late to the convo; moments later we were whisked away on a ten-minute monologue adventure – he’s a builder. He knows Spike Lee. He’s friend with the Chinese guy who built this hotel. He can connect us with people. We gotta tell this story. He can find funding for Basilica Hudson (my day job). Yadda yadda yadda. He had the energy of a man half his age, piercing eyes below a shock of white hair, salt and pepper eyebrows like caterpillar senior citizens. He had five o’clock shadow around each of his ears – each must sprout a healthy ear bush. He ended his tale about four times, each punctuated by another handshake, a quick goodbye.. and then circling back for a last thought. And another. And another. He was well dressed in purple, white and blue. Local Wizard #1. We were disoriented.


My dad (BVB) and I are peeling out early on Saturday to head to NYC for the kickoff.  We will then *officially* meet up with the ride organizers and the rest of the core team, and leave as a group from the Wyndham in Sunset Park in good ole’ Brooklyn on Monday July 4 at 8am.  From there we ride up to Springfield, MA, where we will check out at the Springfield Motorcycle Museum, meet up with more riders, hang with family, and enjoy some sweet fireworks. After THAT, on July 5, we head WEST…

Still lots to do… excited, aghast and a bit freaked out, but I can feel the joy creeping in.  And let’s face it, this ride, although monumental to yours truly (after about 15 years of build-up), would be child’s play to Augusta and Adeline Van Buren.  We have paved roads!  We won’t get arrested for wearing pants!  We get to sleep indoors the whole time!  You know, stuff like that.